How to Target Audience using Facebook Insights? Explore Here!

Know more about your audience

Facebook Audience Insights allows you to get to know your audience through insights that people share on our platforms.

If you want to know more about people who follow your Page, or people on Facebook more broadly, you can use Audience Insights to help you develop marketing messages that drive results.

Understanding your audience’s interests and preferences can help you better tailor your message and creative.

Insight about the people who matter to your business

Who They Are?

Demographics shows the following insights about your audience (compared to the entire Facebook population in your country):

  • Age and gender
  • Relationship status
  • Education level
  • Job role

What Interests Them?

Page Likes shows the top interests of your audience.

  • Top Categories 
  • Page Likes – the pages that are relevant to your audiences based on Facebook Page likes
  • Relevance – the pages most likely to be relevant to your audience based on affinity, Page size and the number of people in your audience that already like that Page
  • Audience – the number of people in your audience that like the relevant Page
  • Facebook – the number of people who like the relevant Page in the same countries as your selected audience
  • Affinity – how likely your audience is to like a given Page compared to everyone on Facebook

Where They Live?

Location shows the top cities, countries and languages of your selected audience in comparison to the entire Facebook population in your country.

Facebook uses a number of factors to determine location, including the city people say they live in, events with public location sharing, and other factors.

What They do on Facebook?

Activity shows the median number of actions your audience has taken over the last 30 days. This includes Page likes, comments, post likes, post shares, promotions redeemed, and ads clicked on.

Activity also shows the device through which your audience accessed Facebook in the last 30 days.



Facebook is one of the biggest Social Media marketing But Finding a right Audience is a tedious task, In next post we will learn to get started with Facebook Insights to find Exact Audience that Meets to Your Desire Audience.

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