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Best offline games for Android 2019. When you and your Android device are in a place where there is no Internet connection, you may feel cut off from the rest of the world. It is easy to get rid of this feeling by downloading one of the 10 best offline games for Android 2019.

We have compiled a list of the best games for Android to help you navigate the plethora of their names on the Play Store. Read on to explore games of different genres. We will tell you about all the best games of this year. So, let’s go!

10 Best Free Offline Android Games 2019

Swamp Attack

On the outskirts of a dense forest, there is an old hut, covered with greenery. There lives a hunter, a woodcutter and just a good-natured hero of the original arcade Swamp Attack. Dozens of years there haven’t been any animals, but now there are plenty of guests. Among them are marsh crocodiles, beavers in helmets and flying birds. The hero doesn’t pay attention to the guests and the animals are aggressive. The house of the protagonist will be destroyed if you don’t download the Swamp Attack to your Android and go to rescue him!

The game’s world is divided into seventy-eight levels, which are separated into four episodes. In addition, in Swamp Attack for Android, there is a fast game mode for having lightning-fast fighting. At each level, players need to protect the house in any possible way, using different types of weapons and explosives. Control is reduced to pressing a few buttons – for shooting monsters and for using additional items. When you pass the level, you receive the coins. They are necessary for pumping the weapons up or buying new ones. Victory is not far off!

Cooking Fever

Games of the genre “Time Management” are so pleasant. It is fun and interesting to develop a provincial café to the level of a restaurant or a small eatery. It is necessary to make improvements, discover additional ingredients and bonuses for customers, and also develop skills. The novelty Cooking Fever for Android demonstrates the perfect work of cook, waiter, owner of cafe and restorer-designer.

Levels and control. A picturesque city of Cooking Fever introduces players to iridescent colors – smiling visitors, friendly training, simplified requirements on levels. The situation, of course, will become more complicated, but the pleasant location will stay the same. You will need to support the mood of customers and get tips if the orders are quick and impeccable. Managing the cooking process is difficult. Something is roasting all the time, the kettle is boiling, there are not enough ingredients… It is necessary to press the right buttons and do it quickly. Customers don’t like to wait!

Achievements and goals. The main goal of the players is to make the visitors satisfied. If this task is accomplished, start to pass all the levels as best as you can. One more goal is a complete restoration of the cafe and its kitchen. Download Cooking Fever for Android right now and open a business. Customers are already waiting!

Inotia 4

Inotia 4 is a gloomy legend about a fearless hero who decided to crush the army of darkness and restore calm in the destroyed cities. Events start to occur after generating characters. It is allowed to choose the appearance and determine the class of the future champion. After you start, you will be given a series of story notifications, videos, and dialogues. Upon the whole, it is quite interesting to study the fantastic universe; the new details are added constantly!

Gameplay. Battles in the Inotia 4 game for Android are similar to real ones. You’ll have to build a strategy carefully and choose different actions in the right order. At the same time, the chance to make a mistake is big enough. Because of the disabled tactical pause, it is not always possible to make decisions on time. All the enemies represent the perfect replicates of the Middle Ages knights, princesses, well-equipped fighters of darkness. In general, the atmosphere is plausible and attractive.

Development and skills. After a victory, won in a foreign part of the universe, you can return to your native city, change outfit, learn a few skills and choose a new test. Don’t forget to tell friends to download Inotia 4 to Android – the project is worth attention!

Real Football

Real Football is a classic football arcade with decent graphics, extensive coaching capabilities and a pleasant atmosphere of fair competition. Everything develops as usual. First, you check your skills at a training match. Depending on the results, the app will advise the level of complexity. Next, there will appear the main menu with different modes and parameters that allow you to fully customize each element of the interface.

Control and goals. Particular attention in Real Football for Android is given to the career mode, where it is necessary to turn a beginner club into the most popular one. You are to choose the name of the team, the set of players and various additional attributes, such as the flag and home stadium. After these preparations, all that remains is to use the offered materials to enter the championship.

In general, the project’s main function is to entertain and give space for testing. Winning is really difficult and depends not only on the user but also on the weather, team mood and the degree of overtraining. Observe various indicators and distribute the forces properly – this is the main task of the coach. Click to download Real Football on Android and show off your skill!

Gangstar Vegas

All fans of action games, with elements of shooting, fighting, races, murders, and robberies will be interested in this new game Gangstar Vegas. The game is very similar to GTA for desktops. Now it is available on Android.

This is a really smart game:
1. A saturated plot. During the gameplay, you will feel as if you were running a cool blockbuster.
2. A big game world.
3. 80 special tasks are at your disposal
4. A solid collection of weapons, equipment that can be improved, and also the development of the abilities and skills of the protagonist.
5. All the characters in the game are thought through – character, manners, personal story.

Are these opportunities in Gangstar Vegas not enough for you? What about a car fleet with a monster truck, a fighter, and a muscle car? If you want to arrange chaos and get distracted from the main plot, you can do it! Arrange fights, participate in fights without rules, take part in races, arrange riots in the streets, go to a casino, or maybe just rob someone.

Graphics, dynamics, and physics of the game. You can perform all sorts of game tricks. The control and physics of the game are on a high level. As for the graphics – it may freeze on some devices, because of the overall size of the game and the requirements for the device.

Soccer Star 2018

Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues is a quality mix of two game genres – football simulator and manager for Android devices. It is not the first time Studio Genera Games produces a project of this genre. Relying on their past experience, the developers managed to release a high-quality game, which popularity is rapidly going up.

After installing Soccer Star 2018, you must select a country you want to play for. Then write your name and choose a T-shirt number. In this game, step by step, you are becoming a member of the national team in the World Cup finals.

The user has to go through the whole path of a real football player – from being a regular first league player to being a star of the national team.

Go to the club menu and set up a starting lineup. Pay close attention to this process, because the final results might depend on it. When the match begins, the user does not see the game process – the app only gives you a brief textual review of what is happening. You get involved in the game when your opponent breaks the rules near his penalty area. The main character (football player) under your direction must make a free kick.

Management is very simple and easy. To give a pass to another player, just draw a line on the screen of your mobile device. Be attentive: the physics in the game is close to the way our reality works, so the ball will not fly in an incomprehensible trajectory. The gameplay is interesting and a little unusual, however the plot is similar to the one used in other sports games

The graphics are pleasant. Drawing is good and detailed. The visual effects and animation are present. Advertising appears quite rarely. There is a quality sound. Install this free offline sports game Soccer Star 2018 for OC Android and become a star player of your country.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Rules and control. Long jumps with tricks and acrobatic maneuvers, fighting for cans with gasoline and total improvement of any vehicle you get or receive as a gift – the racing arcade Hill Climb Racing 2 offers all of this, but with radical changes in physics and gameplay. You will also see be more additional awards, a complete reconstruction of the character, special accelerators.

Actions and levels. The goals in Hill Climb Racing 2 remains the same. You have to drive on rough terrain, monitor the fuel in the tank and try not to be damaged when jumping on the trampolines. After the next arrival, you are allowed to return to the main menu and make a number of changes. You can, for example, buy new details, open accelerators or completely change vehicles.

Improvements and purchases. There are stickers, paints, wheels of all colors and brands, and also powerful engines, bottomless tanks, and other elements available. And if you just pay for everything with virtual currency, the real bacchanalia and insane struggle for the first places in cups and tournaments will begin. Be sure to downloadHill Climb Racing 2 and see how the project has changed after the update!


The company Gameloft knows how to win the hearts of gamers, and the proof is the game Six-Guns for Android.

The plot will take you to the wild west, where your character is a desperate cowboy. Having lost his wife and hope for a better life, he decides to help those who are in trouble: beautiful ladies, the sheriff, Indians and other inhabitants of the area. At your disposal, there will be a pistol and a horse, which are designed to help the cowboy in dangerous shootouts.

At the beginning of each level, you will be given a task. After arriving at the point shown on the map, you must start shooting at the enemy and finding shelter.

For the completed tasks, you need to get experience, gold and occasionally more valuable currency – the silver stars of the sheriff. The received money can be used to buy clothes, weapons, horses, medicines and other updates. By the way, these items can also be won by taking part in the daily lottery.

Graphics and sound effects really remind the wild west, which makes the game even more fun. That’s why Six-Guns is worth downloading. If you want, you can try your hand at the multiplayer game. Show everyone what a real cowboy means!


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