Android Apps Weekly – 5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this month!

Welcome to Android Apps Weekly! the 2019th edition of Here are 5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this month on Android Apps Weekly!:

Android Apps Weekly


Price: Freemium
PPKP is an action-arcade game with beat ’em up elements. You traverse 2D levels and beat up the bad guys. The main part of the game is fairly straightforward with easy controls. There are also some mini-games and extras in the game to add a bit of variety and fun. You can also upgrade your character with stronger abilities over the course of the game. It’s not the deepest game we’ve ever seen. However, the game is a fun little time killer. Those who enjoy retro games may enjoy this one quite a bit.

App Tiles

Price: Free (with ads)
App Tiles is a newer Android customization app. It basically lets you turn any app into a tile in the Quick Settings. That’s basically it. You open App Tiles, select the app that you want in your Quick Settings, and this app puts it there. You can then move the apps to the top of the Quick Settings. That makes them easily and quickly accessible in the Quick Toggles section when you first swipe your notifications down. You obviously need a newer version of Android for it. The app is also free with no in-app purchases.


Price: Freemium
Revolve8 is a new card-dueling game from SEGA. It follows a lot of the game mechanics of other card-dueling games like Clash Royale but with its own unique twists. The game uses a fairy tail story line to populate its world with characters and ideas. Summoning characters in the game requires ink, for instance, and we appreciate those little continuity touches for the sake of polish. You also get your usual stuff like guilds, leagues, and some gacha elements (card collecting). It’s an entertaining entrant into the genre for sure.

Newton Mail

Price: Free demo / $49.99 per year
Newton Mail made its triumphant return as part of Essential’s product services this week. It retains all of its features, including a read counter, an integrated calendar, a bunch of plug-ins, support for most email clients, an email scheduling service, and a tidy inbox feature. The UI is easily one of the top two or three best in any email app and much less cluttered than apps like Gmail. It’s one of the best of the best as long as you can stomach that $49.99 per year subscription fee that, unfortunately, made its return along with the email app itself. We’ll update our best email apps list to re-include Newton soon.

Tony Hawk’s Skater Jam

Price: Freemium
Tony Hawk’s Skater Jam is one of the most anticipated games of 2019 so far. It features graphics, mechanics, and controls like the early Tony Hawk games. You skate around parks, perform various tricks, and complete various challenges. The game also features tournaments, move combos, a level-up system, and some skater customization. For instance, you can choose street, park, or vert style skating and play from there. The game has some bugs and more than a few people are unhappy about the lack of hardware controller support. However, we consider these early issues. The game should be pretty excellent in the long run. This isn’t Maple Media’s first skateboard game and the other ones are quite good as well.


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